9 days until the shoot!

Only 9 days until we start shooting Black and Blue, For You, and we couldn't be more stressed out and excited! 

We are happy to announce that our film has been casted and our locations have been finalized!

Meet Ben (Tobias Campbell) and Steven (Bryan Burton). This picture was taken two weeks ago while we were rehearsing some scenes in my living room. We are very happy to have them on board. 

In addition to Tobias and Bryan, we've casted Chloe Roe as the part of Jill, the punk rock love interest, and Malcolm Pepin as Mike, the local stoner/bully.

Production takes place October 29th, and we will be shooting all over New Jersey. It will take 5 days and the crew will be working 12 hours a day for a final product expected to be about 12-13 minutes in length.

Finally, we are happy to announce that Kodak has given our production a generous donation of 1/4 of our film stock for free!  This savings, combined with their student discount really helps us keep the production costs under control. We are the only student production at Columbia University shooting on 16mm film. Both Panavsion and Kodak, two legendary companies, are supporting this film, along with all of you.  Thank you.



Thank you to everyone who donated to make Black and Blue, For You possible! As promised, we have created this blog to provide updates to people who are interested in the progress of the film.  We are scheduled to shoot October 29th - November 2nd, 2015. We are finishing up casting right now and have all of our locations locked!

Because so much time has passed since our Indie GOGO campaign, some of our key crew members have changed and I'd like to introduce them now!

Welcome aboard our cinematographer, Paul Cannon! This is our second collaboration with Paul, a UCLA Cinematography student who was nominated this year for the American Society of Cinematographer's Student Heritage award, winner of the 2015 Kass Prize for Motion Picture Production, and is the recipient of the 2014 Lisa Wiegand Fellowship in Cinematography.

Next, we'd like to introduce you to Pernille Hellevik, our Production Designer!  She's a fellow Columbia University film student focusing on writing and directing, with an amazing talent for art design and costumes.  She'll be in charge of our props, wardrobe, and set-decorating! 


We are very excited moving forward and will be announcing our cast later this week!  So stay tuned....

Thank you,
Mark Sean Haynes and Kelly Wydryk